Instructions for Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation Schedule

Day Time Paper number
Sunday, December 6 Day 1 AM1 10:10~11:10 1A1-01~1A1-31
Day 1 AM2 11:20~12:20 1A2-01~1A2-31
Day 1 PM1 13:50~14:50 1P1-01~1P1-31
Day 1 PM2 15:00~16:00 1P2-01~1P2-31
Monday, December 7 Day 2 AM1 10:00~11:00 2A1-01~2A1-31
Day 2 AM2 11:10~12:10 2A2-01~2A2-31

Paper Number

A paper number expresses "Date" + "Time" + "Poster position.” For example, a paper number "2A2-11" means the second day ("2") + "A"M + the second session ("2") - + Poster position ("11").

Poster format

All presentations will be presented POSTER style. The detailed requirements and formats for the poster presentation are as follows.

  • The size of each poster presentation space is 220cm width and 100cm height.
  • A desk (180cm width, 70cm height and 60cm depth) is available for each presentation in front of the poster board.
  • Pins are prepared at the poster presentation hall.
  • Paste the A4-size INDEX paper at the top-left corner of the board. The INDEX should include presentation ID, core-time, presenter name (affiliation) in English (and Japanese if possible). A sample is below.

Presentation Time

  • The duration of each session is 60 minutes. Among the 60 minutes, former or latter 30 minutes are assigned as a core time for each presentation. During the core time, speakers are requested to make a presentation in front of their own poster.
  • The former 30 minutes in each session are assigned as a core time for presentations whose numbers are odd (e.g. 1A1-01, see last digit of the number), while the latter 30 minutes are assigned as a core time for presentations whose numbers are even (e.g. 1A1-02).
  • Speakers are requested to prepare their posters in the booth before the start of their session. It is possible to prepare the poster 30 minutes prior to the start of each session.
  • Speakers are requested to remove their posters at the end of their session as soon as possible.

Demonstration and PCs

  • 100V (2A) electricity is available for each presentation.
  • Prepare extra cables or taps by yourself if you need.
  • All delivery of any devices or PCs for your presentation should be cared by yourself. NO OFFICIAL DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE.
  • Officials may stop the demonstrations when it disturbs other presentations by its annoying sound or any dangerous situations.
  • NO STOCK SPACE AVAILABLE. Any posters or devices cannot be acceptable at the conference venue before session.